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flawless performance, extensive features, and an unrivaled M3U playlists watching experience.

Movies screen UI of ipexo player, play VOD, Movies, Series in IPEXO M3U PLAYER

Disclaimer: IPEXO Player is only a normal media player which plays user’s own M3U file content by adding some user friendly features and we don’t provide any type of streaming content and have no connection with any content provider. We are not responsible for any kind of misuse of our software. And only use it according to the local laws of your country.

Note: IPEXO Player is a premium app and you will have to pay some amount to access all of its feature. So only download or use it if you are ready to pay.

Get Premium feature for Free Offer: If you like it and if you can create a nice video of this Software and upload on YouTube, we will provide a the Free Subscription of it for the whole year.

 Contact us: support@ipexoplayer.com for free offer to verify your upload.

Add Playlists & Portals

  • Add your M3U Playlist -> From URL or Local .M3U File

  • Add XUI/XC Portal by username/password and portal address/dns
  • Add Stalker(Ministra) by MAC or username/password and portal address
Add an M3U or XC/XUI Playlist or Portal in IPEXO Player or IPEXO M3U Player

Automatic Shortcuts

  • IPEXO Player provides the special Home screen for Shortcuts and other info to improve your experience for XC/XUI Playlists.

  • Your Recently Added Movies, Tv Series etc will be visible to access them just after the app launch.
  • The Shortcuts section also provide you the Continue Watching on the home screen at the launch of the app, you can enjoy Live Tv, Movies and Series where you left watching in a single click.
the shortcut feature of IPEXO IPTV Player to manage recent, history and continue watching in home screen

Settings and Customizations

  • Customize IPEXO Player all According to your needs in a single click.

  • Tons of customization options.

Settings screen of IPEXO M3U Player

Hide/Lock Groups

Easily hide the unnecessary groups/categories. Adult/XXX protection is really easy. Just click on Hide/Lock icon from anywhere in the app and done.

ipexo m3u player parental lock, xxx item locking

Beautiful EPG or Schedule Screen

IPEXO M3U Player have the most beautiful EPG (Electronic Programmes Guide) or Tv Schedule. You can add the EPG from the external sources or the direct through API in XC/XUI or Stalker (Ministra/MAC) portals.

ipexo m3u player EPG or Electronic Programms Guide

Universal Search

  • Search for all important content at one place by name, group name or year.
  • Search for TV Channels, Movies and Series and access all directly from there.
master search in ipexo player for Live Tv, Series or Movies


What do they say?

Easy to use!

IPEXO Player is the most easy and reliable app for watchin experience for m3u playlists. Its mind blowing UI makes me really really happy. Thank you IPEXO Player developers for developing such an awesome app.


– Anna Jenkins

Amazed by great results!

My friend suggested me to try the IPEXO Player and I installed it on my device. Mind BLOWING, I was just stunned by it UI and the work developers made to make it alive. I purchaed the License and will be using it always.


– Danny Lores


Happy users

Add an M3U or XC/XUI Playlist or Portal in IPEXO Player or IPEXO M3U Player

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